3 Benefits of a Well Managed Social Media Campaign

We all know social media is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign. While many have taken this fact to mean all that you need is a facebook page for your organization, there are many reasons why that is simply not the answer. What you may not know are all the benefits that are gained with a well-targeted and properly executed social media campaign.

A targeted campaign reaches your intended audience. Period.

A basic principle of marketing is to know your target audience and social media channels have made it incredibly easy to obtain a great deal of information about your intended audience. Getting your organization in front of your target is where the real science comes in. No matter how narrow or broad your audience may be, it’s crucial to target your campaigns directly to them to get the most out of your social media marketing strategy. The more information you know about your audience, the easier it is to tailor your content to them. While this may take your team weeks to accomplish, a professional in the social media industry will have your organization in front of the ideal audience in no time at all.

Social Media for organizations greatly benefits SEO.

Your organization’s social media status has recently played a factor in the overall success of your site in terms of search engine optimization. Although that was not the case just a couple of years ago, search engines have incorporated your social metrics into their algorithm.  This could easily make or break your site’s rankings if your social media campaign is nonexistent, or worse, exists without any optimization or activity.  If your social media campaign is managed properly, this can lead to higher rankings in search engines and an increase in traffic to your website.

Social media creates a highway for easy connections.

Although hashtags have been a taboo topic in some cases, one can’t argue that they serve the purpose of easily connecting your audience with your organization. Hashtags are widely used by people who are looking for information or are referring to a specific topic. Create hashtags that are exclusive to your organizations’ campaign and promote them wherever it makes sense. When hashtags are used properly, people are able to share and search for them which creates a domino effect of attracting a new audience.