The Importance of Staying Up-to-Date in Digital Literacy Trends

The answer is simple; knowledge is power. As a decision maker in your organization it’s crucial that you are able to make educated decisions whether it be about a new program to use or a different method of client/donor outreach that needs to be addressed. More importantly, you need to present yourself and your organization as an industry leader and authority on the topic when it comes time to answer the tough digital questions from your prospective donors or clients.

The good news is that you don’t need to earn a master’s degree in research to be successful at staying up-to-date in digital literacy trends. You do, however, need to make sure you are getting the most reliable and current information. With the numerous outlets of gaining information in the nonprofit industry, it’s important to be relying on credible sources. Information that’s available online via blogs, articles, forums and social media need to be well researched before they can be deemed as a credible resource. There are also more traditional sources of gaining information in the nonprofit industry that require networking skills, such as trade shows, conferences, joining a nonprofit organization or meeting with a mentor. Look for networking events to attend in your area or educational seminars such as ADG Digital Literacy Seminar. Below is a list of credible online resources for the latest news, tips and information in the nonprofit industry.

                The Nonprofit Times

                Nonprofit Hub

                MAP for Nonprofits

                Ascension Development Group Resources

Once you’ve identified your list of credible sources, you need to invest time into each source. Schedule a little bit of time each week, if not every day, to get the most out of your sources. Spend this time reading new articles, researching the tips and suggestions that would best benefit your organization. Meet people in your industry on a monthly basis to gain insight on competitors and industry trends that your organization should consider.

With the proper resources at your fingertips (or at least within driving distance) and a sufficient amount of time invested in your digital literacy education, you will position yourself and your organization as a leader in your industry which in turn makes you, yourself, a very valuable resource.