Tips to Optimize your Donation Form

Keep it short and sweet

Here is an area where the phrase “less is more” is undoubtedly true. The easier your form is to fill out, the more likely it is to be completed by donors. Only require the absolutely necessary information, such as, name, email, and donation amount. You may even benefit from having ‘suggested’ dollar amounts that your donors can click on as opposed to typing in their donation amount. Once they’ve filled out your initial form, you can have the rest of the necessary fields available on the next form such as, payment options, billing address, etc. 

Make sure it is responsive

As our society is becoming more mobile than ever, it is crucial that your donation form is fully responsive and that it is easy to complete on virtually any mobile device. It is also important to reassure your donors that their transaction is secure and that their personal information will not be shared or sold. This will hopefully encourage donations from users who may be skeptical about completing a transaction from a mobile device. 

Allow for reoccurring donations

Before a donor submits their donation, give them the option to make their donation reoccur on a monthly basis. Provide an information bubble that will let the donor know the details of their monthly donation and that it can be cancelled at anytime. It’s as easy as that to earn monthly donations from a donor who otherwise may have only submitted one donation. 

Make it shareable

When people give, it’s because they care about the cause and are more than willing to share their contribution on their various social networks. A great way to make this easy for your donors is to provide a social sharing option for them on the ‘thank you’ page. You can direct your donors to share their donation on their own social networks with content such as: I just donated to (insert cause here)! 

Would you donate too? The link can direct to your online form. Once its shared, your donors can be prompted to ‘like’ your organization’s social media pages. With a social media plug-in on your form, you will create a domino effect of possibilities.

Send a follow up email 

In order to get more information about what motivates your donors, send a follow-up email with a few questions that you can benefit from. A simple survey with questions such as: what inspired your donation today? How can we improve your experience on our site? and are you interested in more information about our cause? Use this information to continually improve upon, even if the data set is small, it is valuable information that would be very difficult to obtain otherwise.