Use a Donation Cover Page for Your Next Fundraiser

A cover page or one-page website can be a great tool for your next donation campaign. Present all of your content on one page and have the user scroll down to see it. Are you wondering if a one-page site is good for your organization? Here are some of the benefits:


Scrolling sites are a great way to tell your story, and storytelling is one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into contributors. As your page scrolls use images, video and text to walk users through your content and conclude with a solid call to action. 

Mobile Friendly

As more and more donations are coming from mobile users it's important to make your campaign easy for mobile device users. Single page scrolling sites are great for people using smaller screens. 


Cover page sites are great because they are clean and focused in their purpose. Your message and call to action are clear and your users are not going to get distracted by links that might draw them away from your desired call to action.

The best reason NOT use a one-page site

There is one really big thing that one-page sites are really bad for: 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One page sites are not ideal for driving organic search traffic through Google/Bing/Yahoo because they lack depth and you are limited to providing title tags for only one page. This makes it difficult to rank well for more than a couple keywords and phrases. This is one reason one-page sites are great for focused campaigns, but may not be ideal for your main organization site. 

One possible solution to the SEO problem is to use social media as your main way to drive traffic for your campaign.Use posts and demographic targeting on social media to promote your fundraising campaign a cover page site.