3 Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit Website Today

1) Improve your front page title and copy

Does the main title and first sentence of text on the front page of your website clearly and succinctly explain what your organization does? Many organizations wrongly assume that people visiting their site will already know about the organization. Make sure you have a short, plain language version of your mission statement on the front page. 

Example of bad title/copy:

Ascension Foundation
Ascension Foundation was started in 2003 by John and Jane Doe and has been helping serve the community for over ten years...

Example of good title/copy:

Ascension Foundation
We have been providing food and shelter for the homeless community in south Whereveropolis for over 10 years...

2) Include A Clear Call To Action

What would you like someone to do when they come to your website? Does your site make it clear and easy to do so? Your website is part of your marketing campaign and should be designed to encourage visitors to do something.

Some call to action ideas:

  • Sign up for our newsletter or email list
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Set up and appointment to visit us

3) Get Rid of Outdated Content

Far too many nonprofit organizations rarely update their site. Many continue to promote events on their site long after those events have passed. If you have old information on your site it leaves a bad impression on anyone that visits. 

Remove any content that is out of date, update legacy/static content so that is relevant to what your organization is currently doing. Set a schedule for website updating and set up email or calendar reminders to make sure you remember to update the site.