Your Digital Marketing Guide
for Nonprofits and NGOs

Your organization is committed to making a difference for good in the world. Your website, social media, and email list are key to accomplishing your goals, but maybe you're not sure what you should be doing or how to get the most bang for your buck. 

That's where we come in. We're committed to helping you communicate your mission clearly through your website and social media and make sure the right audience is learning about your organization.

Having a comprehensive and effective digital strategy is essential for nonprofit organizations in the 21st Century, let us help you get your organization where it needs to go.



We are committed to helping nonprofits navigate the ever changing and confusing world of digital technology. We offer free small-group and one-on-one seminars as well as ongoing digital consulting services for nonprofits.


If you need something designed, built, set up or developed for the internet we can do that. We have a great team with tons of experience across just about every digital discipline.


For organizations that want to outsource some or all of their digital work we can take care of as much or as little as you want so you can focus on the things you need to get done.


Digital is the Future and the Future is Here

97% of people research a nonprofit online before they become a new donor or volunteer. Social media is one of the most powerful ways to raise money. Just think about the Ice Bucket Challenge. Your organization needs to have a comprehensive plan for how to make your digital assets work for you to improve fundraising, outreach and serve your clients better. We want to help.


Challenges and Opportunities Working with Nonprofits

Every nonprofit has their own unique challenges and opportunities. We work with community centers, foundations, research organizations, social awareness groups, charter schools, churches, camps and just about any other type of organization. From small event promotion projects to larger re-branding projects to ongoing social media and website management we can do just about anything. Here are a couple of case studies of work we've done.



The Problem: A recently started children's cancer foundation with no digital presence needed to build an audience to raise awareness for their cause.

Our Solution: We designed their brand logo and identity and built them a website. After that we started an organization Facebook page began a social media campaign to build an audience through page likes and used their Facebook page as the primary way to drive traffic to their website.

The Results: In seven months we took them from zero to over 1800 likes.



The Problem: An organization that supports people with HIV/AIDS needed volunteers for a fundraising event.

Our Solution: We designed graphic ads with targeted messaging. Then, using demographic and geographic targeting we ran a social media campaign focused on recruiting volunteers.

The Results:

  • Volunteer recruitment was up 25% over previous year
  • Increased fundraising by 30% (over $100,000 increase)




The Problem: A summer camp had slowly declining registration and an outdated website that was not mobile friendly and had no analytics tracking.

Our Solution: We redesigned their website to be optimized for increased camp registration and donations. We added analytics so they could track the demographics of their visitors.

The Results: We discovered that 70% of the camp registrations were completed by women (moms) and were able to target moms in messaging and social media targeting more effectively.

You can see the before and after images of their website here.


Let Us Help You

Most organizations know that they need help with their website or social media, but aren't sure where to start.

If you're within driving distance of our office in North East Minneapolis we would love to come out and meet with your leadership team. We can also set up conference calls or have you come into our office for a sit down consultation. We want to get to know your organization and understand your digital needs and dreams and to help you figure out how to best accomplish your goals.

Get in touch today by filling out the form to the right and let's get it on the calendar. 

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